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What is China JobKing?

China JobKing is a hiring solution aimed at expatriates who want to find meaningful employment inside China.


How does it work?

You create and post your profile on our website where thousands of Chinese based companies search every day looking for skilled foreigners.

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China has a large and diverse economy that continues to grow at a rapid rate, (and) we have found that more and more companies are looking for foreign expertise for a wide array of jobs. However, we quickly found that finding these jobs quickly becomes an issue due to China's unique employment.

To solve this, we created China JobKing. This is a transparent platform that allows experts to post more than just their qualifications i.e. we ask China specific questions. This gives Chinese corporations the opportunity to filter and analyse candidates, which speeds up the process for screening candidates.

About us

China JobKing was founded by Yick Solutions, a small multi-cultural IT development company located in Suzhou, China.


If I have not worked in China before, can I use this?

Yes! Because of the questions we ask, potential employers will know this and be ready to make you a job offer and deal with your visa for you.

I am a Chinese citizen, can I make an account?

Yes! Although we are primarily currently targeting at foreign experts, Chinese citizens may create account as long as they can speak a foreign language.

Is it really free?

Yes. To open an account and post your details is 100% free for all job seekers.

What happens to my information?

Some account information will be made public on our website (controllable in user settings). Your name and contact information are only made available to recruiters who request to see your information (Chinese companies, who have registered with us). We do not sell your information to any external parties.

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215011, China

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